Sunday, December 19, 2010

cold and windy

The cold and the wind does not keep us in.  Nor does it motivate Henry to wear anything other than those thin black and white striped pants.  I brought him 7 pairs of pants...I swear...but he wears these day in and day out.  If they weren't so cute I might be bothered.  


Maria said...

They are cute .I really enjoy your pictures.Seaside is so beutiful.Have a nice week Rachel♥

Ariane Reichardt said...

Yes, Rachel, your kids are so cute. Doesn't matter what they wear.
Looking at your pics is like holiday for me. Thank you!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

(Try again :)

Oh, Henry, wish I had a pair of striped pants - I would wear them night and day too :)
For a moment there, the sand looked like snow. Beautiful texture, miss the feel of it between my fingertips.

I've had busy day again; thank you for your ever wonderful mail, Rachel. Like the idea of letters. Makes me feel like we're old spinsters :) (I have a new blog:
Love Lilli

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Rachel, your photos are just beautiful. The shades of blue are incredible and the sand, so white!

Little Henry, bless him. I love stripy clothes ... you have ot pick your fights, don't you. Sometimes it's not worth the drama trying to influence them!

Rachel said...

Thank all you ladies for the love. My kiddos are my favorite subject. And this beautiful seaside adds a lot too!
Lilli: I am thrilled to visit your new blog!!
MMMC: Pick your battles, big lesson learned. Really, those little pants, like Lilli, I would wear them day and night too.

garage band girl said...
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