Friday, December 24, 2010

home sweet home

Our day of travel started as we left Brunswick at noon after meeting Papa for our final farewell.
We had an hour drive to Jacksonville, Florida where we had about an hour before we boarded a plane to Dallas, Texas.  That flight was just over 2 hours.  In Dallas we had a 3 hour layover, enough time to dine on some unfortunate food, run and dance around the terminal, and buy a $5.00 bottle of Naked Juice.  We boarded our second plane bound for Burbank.  The kids were exhausted but giddy with excitement.  Greta gleefully sang as we were about to take off, "Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Oh how I love you, Los Angeles!"  
That flight was 3.5 hours.  Henry slept through most of it and Greta managed to stay awake.  We had a very bumpy landing and practically kissed the rain drenched tarmac as we exited the plane.
We were picked up by one very friendly "Dave" the driver who helped us with our car seats and luggage and drove us home through the rain.  
Upon entering our home it was as if I had just let the kids free in a toy store.  Their little bodies were telling them it was the wee hours of the morning ( only 10:30 PST) but they stayed up and played anyway.  I gave them a warm bath (the first time with our new tankless water heater!)  They finally passed out around midnight PST.  
The next morning I was sure they would sleep late...but no...they were up with the sun!  Oh my.  The following day we had rain most of the day.  We caught up with some friends, filled our fridge, and finally towards the end of the day, the sun came out, apparently for the first time in about a week, I looked out our kitchen window to see the most beautiful rainbow.  

I'll admit it was very hard for me to leave St. Simons.  I miss it already, but it feels good to be in our own home, sleep in our own bed, look out our own windows, drink coffee from my favorite cafe, see the green on the hills around us, be amazed at how our garden has changed, and spend time with our dear friends and family.  Now my focus is to reorganize this house, finish some dolls, clean, and oh yeah...catch up on my sleep! 
 Goodnight, y'all.

And Georgia,  I'll be back.  I promise!


Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Rachel,
I have monitor your travel route. We don't have such distances in Germany...and just one time zone. Home sweet home...and what about Christmas? Do you celebrate?
That rainbow is amazing!
All the best for you and your lovelies.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rachel,
...Get Travel Story ,,,Glad to Hear Your back Safe and Sound...
...I Agree "Great Rainbow" ,,, a Good Omen for sure...!
Your Itchy Dad

Elisabeth said...

What a beautiful rainbow picture. And I would like to travel right now at this very moment...