Tuesday, December 28, 2010

playing catch up

Things have been cozy here on the home front.  We have been enjoying time with friends and family and doing a whole lot of crocheting and cooking.  My hubby arrives home tomorrow sometime with the rest of the clan.  Our time in Georgia seems like it took place in some alternate reality now that we are back home.   Was I dreaming?  I am awake now, that is for sure.  The impatient driver honking their horn the second the traffic light turns green makes sure of that.  
We are home for a few weeks then guess where we are off to?  Yeah, you guessed it, New Orleans!  Another new spot on the map to explore!  We will be there for a couple of months at least.  For now, we will enjoy being home,  maybe have a yard sale, catch up with friends before we continue on with our new adventure.

I have been without a camera the past few days.  Just taking lots of mental pictures.  
I share with you a photo from one year ago of a doll that received a little too much Ollie Love.  Just one of many dolls lost during Ollie's especially long puppy stage.  

Enjoy your day, enjoy your family, enjoy your tea, coffee, or beer.  Hug the one your with.

Peace out.

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Anonymous said...

...Thanks for the Up-Date ,,, The Horn Honking ,,, Yeah , Your back in the "City of the Angels",Ha,ha,ha
...Olly's Victim ,,,very funny...