Tuesday, February 15, 2011

city park

This past weekend we spent a day at City Park.  Only 1,300 acres of trees, an amusements park, waterways, an art museum, Story Land, botanical gardens.  During Hurricane Katrina something like 1000 trees were destroyed and because of several days of flooding all the plants in the botanical gardens were lost.  It is looking beautiful now.  We could see fields of young trees, construction zones, and obvious signs of recovery and restoration.
After a morning of playing in the park we left for a delicious Japanese lunch, then went right back for an afternoon stroll through the sculpture garden. Instead we happened upon a group of Taiko drummers warming up for a performance.  What are the odds?  A perfect end to our day at City Park.


Make mine Mid-Century said...


Second Photo! Grooviest Looking Family on the Planet!


Ariane Reichardt said...

wonderful pictures. Full of strength of nature...
And Carmel is right again!
x Ariane.

Misha Lulu said...

Gracias chica!!!! We missed you today we had another photoshoot.
how long are you going to be in NO?

Rachel said...

MMMC: thank you and oh, YOU stop!
Ariane: thank you, the nature here is so different and wild. we love it.
Karen: we come back sometime mid april to may. we miss you guys too!

Sara said...

i love seeing your adventures. i've never been to new orleans but would really like to one day.

how long are you there for?

Peggy Ray said...