Friday, February 18, 2011

horsing around

Near our apartment on Magazine St. is the great Audubon Park.  In the park there are stables where pony rides and inexpensive horseback riding lessons are offered.  The first day we poked our heads in we were able to watch a girl just Greta's age riding around the corral.  Greta wants lessons.  
We started with a long pony ride and have been visiting the horses daily and bringing them apples and carrots.  After the first visit they have come to know the kid's voices and the sweets they bring.  They whinny, kick their stable doors, and snort, all in an effort to get our attention.   We are getting to know their personalities and look forward to our afternoons with the horses.  Next week Greta will likely take her first lesson.

I am thrilled to have my camera battery charger here!   It was one of the many things I forgot to pack.  I realized this as soon as we got to New Orleans, because that is exactly when the battery died.  It was kindly sent to me.  This city is rich in color and character and I can't wait to get snapping.
After visiting the horses today we crossed the road to a oak covered path that followed a line of beautiful Victorian homes.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!


Ansku said...

What gorgeous pictures!

I've been catching up on everybody's blog posts after such a busy week. Your new home sounds beautiful (can't wait to see those pictures either!), I love it how you have such an easy access to the stables, and in an earlier post I realized Greta is an amazing artist! What a drawing!

It's nice how things are finding their places after your move. Have a great weekend! :)

Peggy Ray said...

What beautiful lives! Great pix! I wish we had visited you there, not that Georgia wasn't great... but that looks even funner! I'd love to see Greta horseback riding.

Peggy Ray said...

BTW, I used Hen's pic as my new background... and your happy panda photo is my favorite ever!

jasmin said...

Rachel, you are giving your beautiful children such a rich and happy childhood. I love seeing your daily adventures with them.