Wednesday, March 16, 2011

all you need is love

I am going to chill out for a few days, unplug if you will.  I will be back on Saturday with an addition to the Drawing Challenge.  This week is hosted by Nadine with the theme:
 *A Letter From the Alphabet*  
Oh, this will be hard, I have so many favorites.  Did you know that when I first learned my letters as a child,  I gave them all personalities and know exactly which ones are male and which ones are female?   This is still vivid and I still have my favorites.  Am I the only one that has done this? 
See you Saturday!


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i've never heard of it before, rachel, but i find it enthralling! male and female personalities... i can live with that.
looking forward to whatever you will be cooking up for us, and in the meantime... happy chilling...!

Make mine Mid-Century said...

I love those photos ... saturated with colour.

Giving a personality to each of the alphabet letters is a great idea. I wonder if Sesame Street was an influence?

See you soon.

Peggy Ray said...

Hhahahaha, I did the same thing with numbers! Funny that I didn't think of it for letters. Six was an old man, 7 a young woman, and 8 a young man... I don't remember the others. Love the umbrellas and your last drawing of the heron. I get to see them around here occasionally. Greta's drawing was quite spectacular too.

Sara said...

I'm curious about the characterization of letters! I've never heard of that before. But now my interest is piqued. Hmm. "P" is totally a boy, to me, anyway. And what about "S"? Girl to me.

Also, those umbrellas are fabulous. You live in a word of vibrant color. I love how you capture it.

Hope you enjoy your "unplugged" time away.