Thursday, March 24, 2011

phone photos

I take a lot of photos with my phone.  Sometimes I am surprised by the results.  
Here are a few from the past week.

This photo in the French Quarter could have been taken in 1974, and yes that guy is smoking a joint,  just like he would have been in 1974.

Walking through the back hall of a Japanese restaurant in the French Quarter.

Hen and I spent an afternoon together, just the two of us.  It was a great time and he asked so many more questions than usual.  He had me all to himself.  I bought him a new red sports car.

We window shopped.  It was Sunday, everything was closing.

I spent time explaining what that mess was up on the telephone pole.  All about big party invitations, jobs wanted,  and lost and found pets.

Greta had her weekly riding lesson.  I always email a photo to Zach at work while she's riding.  He says, "Who is this Mystery Rider?  I never see her face!"   The thing is, Greta's horse Mawmaw is camera shy and as smart as horses are I think she would take one look at my little black phone and just know there was a camera inside.  The last thing I want to do is to perturb Mawmaw while my Delicate Flower sits atop.  So I wait for her to turn her face.

Finally, riding in the car to pick up Zach from work.  The sun had just set.  Our neighborhood coffee shop is in the tall Victorian on the right.

There you have our week in phone photos.
Have a great day, wherever you be.


Kelli said...

it's so much fun looking at your blog.thanks for sharing! love the joint guy..

Ariane Reichardt said...

Hi, happy Rachel...
I just love your phone-pics...window-shopping with Henry, Greta on Mawmaw...I think she is a very good rider, isn't she? And this 'paper-tree'! Your discription helped me a lot...
See you with more Delicate Flowers?
x Ariane.

Maria said...

I enjoy to be with you♥

jasmin said...

These pics made me groan out loud. So vivid. I ONLY use my phone to take photos now. How lucky you are to be discovering that part of your country, that historic part of the world.

Peggy Ray said...

Amazing pix! I can't believe how much older and taller Henry looks!