Friday, March 4, 2011

the rhythm...

of a Mother's heart.

Rhythm is all around us right now.  In a city where music flows from restaurants, parks, and front porches, down the street where the brass band plays every afternoon, all over New Orleans we feel the rhythm of this unique place.  Greta learns the rhythm of riding a trotting horse.  Also in the air, a change of season, the rhythm of our planet.  

For a very sad reason this week I reflected on the rhythm of a mother's heart.   I learned that a friend of a friend, a mother of a 6 week old baby, took her own life.  She had suffered from postpartum depression.  She endured pain and guilt, was misunderstood and misdiagnosed, and after 6 weeks it became more than she could bear. 
These drawings are dedicated to her and her family. They were inspired by the love she had but could not express, and the blessed rhythm of her heart that was a gift to her baby, even if for a short time.  That rhythm will be carried and felt throughout her child's life.  I have no doubt.

 Saturday is our day to share.  Is it Saturday where you are?

*Rhythm* shared around the world...

Patrice, The Netherlands
Nadine, Belgium
Ariane, Germany
Jasmin, Australia  
Elisabeth, Sweden
Citlalli,  California, United States
Stephanie, Colorado, United States


Sara said...

what a lovely and poignant post. made me tear up, stop in my tracks, get up and walk over to sleeping henry in his crib to kiss him.

my heart aches for all involved.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

my word, that is a sad, sad story to an otherwise very inspiring picture, but how thoughtful your report. your dedication will not be lost.
your rhythm makes me smile, and i kinda look forward to other people's rhythms, for it's a versatile theme (as is any probably)... i hope you had a good night's sleep, dreaming of the waves. ;)
also, great way of displaying the challengers! dare i say it? colourful bunch!!

Anonymous said...

I cried a tear

objectsofwhimsy said...

beautiful imaga
and so hard to believe that in this day in age that baby blues could go unnoticed. It makes me feel very sad indeed.

Patrice A. said...


I love your drawing. That you choose the rhythm of the heart, so, so great!

But the sad, sad story behind it brought tears in my eyes.
Take care!!

Citlalli said...

a sad story, and a beautiful representation of the rhythm of the heart and love ....

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Oh that's terrible. I wish there was a way to wind back time ... stop the rhythm of the ticking clock and bring that mother back.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Rachel,
oh, poor lost mother and so sad for these little baby...makes my heart aces.
Your drawing is wonderful. A mothers heart, the first that a baby is able to hear. I love the pumping and circling movement.
And I choose rhythm of heart, too.

Milady Productions said...

bless this woman and her babe.
my heart's rythmn is creating a little tsunami of tears.
i love your drawing of the nursing radiating heart.
I am so sorry.

Elisabeth said...

Oh, what a sad story. And your words together with your drawings reminded of what's important in life. Us listening to all kind of feelings. Not let us drown under the hard ones. Listen to people surrounding us, caring for us. Care for others.

I loved your choice of theme, and I made myself really disappointed as I did not get the time to sit down and think and make a drawing these last days. I've been working too much. Producing too much other stuff. I hope you're not thinking I cheated. I tried using the mantra 'good enough'... you know, that difficult one as your drawings also reminded me of.

I send all my best wishes for that little baby and the rest of the family.

jasmin said...

hi Rachel. I am only just getting to everybody's rhythms. The Rhythm of Life. I have been singing that song in my head all week because of you. Your drawings are like gorgeous leadlight window designs. I LOVE the patterns of the first and the colours of the second one.
The Rhythm of Life. How tragic that it stopped so sadly for this new mama.