Sunday, April 24, 2011

the swamps

We spent Earth Day in a Louisiana swamp.
It was a hot and sticky afternoon, and thankfully the skeeters weren't out yet.  We swiped ourselves with stinky oils to ward them off, just in case.  

Here is my Cajun Prince, patiently awaiting our boat captain's command. 

( Every time I wash these pants I say to myself, "Yeah, these pants are history,  I can't let Henry out in public with these ever again." Then they magically end up back in his drawer and on his body.)

Greta made me proud by bringing along and consulting her book of James Audubon's birds.

A cajun village along the water.  This is a shrimping boat.

Visit Zach's blog for even better photos and video!


Make mine Mid-Century said...

OMG! And that's just the orange pants! (Ha! No the pants are fine.:))

That swamp tour photo journey kind of freaked me out! It reminded me a bit of The Daintree Rainforest in Far North Qld which has crocodiles, but the Deep South really is another place isn't it? Swamps.

I saw that photo of the baby 'gator on Zach's blog. Those creatures are prehistoric.

Love the bird sighting book ... so relaxed.

Peggy Ray said...

Greta, the next great explorer scientist! Love the photos... can't wait to go see Zlog! Rapturous, or should I say Raptorous!?

Lil Muse Lily said...

aw, those are his favorite pants. too cute.

looks like the perfect way to spend earth day. we too spent it outside. :)

Ansku said...

Again, such wonderful pictures. I can't get over the fact how different and colorful your world looks compared to mine at the moment! I hope the spring rains get here soon, to bring out all the green.

Skeeters, what are those? Mosquitos?

Citlalli said...

Look at all that green, I love it! nice pictures dear Rachel! cool place to celebrate earth day!

Some Girl said...

From what I heard, the Louisiana swamps actually don't have many mosquitoes because the water is always in motion (no still water to lay their eggs). At least, that's what Cap'n Beau said on our Honey Island Swamp Tour last year. No skeeters then, either.:)

Nice pics!