Saturday, May 14, 2011

drawing / dream

I have a recurring dream that I have happened upon the world's greatest thrift store.  Isle after isle of vintage colors and patterns, fair prices, interesting fabrics all within reach!  And then, this dream is frustrated by a lack of time or by my children running up and down the isles and in between the racks, I need to catch them before I either lose them or we get kicked out of the store.
We all have our dreams...

For more dreams visit Nadine.


Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Rachel,
great painting! Its wonderful you choose water colours... so diffluent. And: I laugh... I know this feeling, but I haven't dreamt this kind of dream....since yet.
Is there a small feeling of beeing resigned of your woman at your painting? or exhaustion?

I hope all is well with you,
big hug,

Patrice A. said...

your drawing so colourfull
your words a bit frustrated
know the feeling
that is for sure!

fine weekend!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

what dreams may come! you've been wanting this vintage shine for a while now, me thinks it is upon you... whatch out! what with your soft toned vintaged drawing you're more than halfway there!

did't know about the yellow umbrellas, i don't think. must look it up! i saw a long and impressive documentary on the new york gates. it totally won me over.

would love to meet up for christo! will not happen (for sure) for a good few years, but... no worries. time flies. ;)


hanna-happenings said...

the dream is preparing You to be really fast in decision when the time comes so You can get out of that store fully armed with vintage fabrics :)

Peggy Ray said...

hahahaha! I have had that exact same dream! Only not so much with the kids, just thrift stores with lots of searching and searching the racks. Great painting of it!

Milady Productions said...

hahaha! oh, this makes me laugh rachel!
i see your sleepy bed head :)
what a dream!

Elisabeth said...

Haha, I recognize this dream! Rooms filled with fabric and colours. And the feeling of nothing being quite possible to bring into the real world.

I know a Swedish fleamarket you'd love. I keep it a secret, but if I find your e-mail here I'll mail you some dreamy pictures! I know it's the place for you :)

I'd like to see your and Patrice's paintings next to each other, I believe they suit each other.

Citlalli said...

great painting!! love that this time you use water colours!
I sometimes have the same dream, colorful fabrics, all kind of patterns...and Jimena running and screaming through the store......

Cam - Bibs and Baubles said...

lovely painting... i so wish i could interpret dreams. maybe i could figure it out for you and maybe i could figure out why i dreamed about a dead r&b star filming a movie. yep, wish i knew!