Sunday, June 5, 2011

ace hotel, palm springs

The week before Zach came home from New Orleans he asked Greta on the phone, "What do you want to do when I get home?" 
She said, "Go to Palm Springs!"  Without hesitation and like any doting father, he said, "Okay!"

We spent 2 nights at the super cool Ace Hotel.  This was our second time staying here and we love it for the beautiful landscaping and hip decor,

the lovely mountain views,

the patio chairs,

the grapevines,

and of course, the pool.

We love it for the dog park,

the photo booth,

  the macrame,

and finally for the sneaky, bead wearing stuffed coyote.


Elisabeth said...

Wow. I want to go there too!! Thanks for sharing.

renilde said...

Oh yes blue skies over mountains, happy children and time to have fun and rewind, great photos, x

Maria said...

Thanks really for sharing.Lovely!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Ohhh, wonderful, dear Rachel... and it looks a little bit strange to me: the dog park?
Love your photo booth!

x Ariane

Citlalli said...

Love Palm Springs!
How fun photo booth and beautiful pictures!

Lil Muse Lily said...

awesome! looks like a great place to stay. glad you got to have that time there as a family.

Kelli said...

pretty hip hotel.. we'll have to check it out some time.