Wednesday, June 29, 2011

my saturday

I hope that the cliffhanger on my last post hasn't left you in hopes for some big and electrifying news.  It was just a perfect Saturday.  A Saturday that included a princess party.  I worked all the day before on this kimono for Greta.  It's rough, I drew my own pattern, but my little Japanese princess was very pleased.  She played a big part in the design process.

Our hostess, the eternally beautiful, Snow White. (Poppy)

There was good food.

A Princess and the Pea game.

 Blindfolded, each princess had to kiss the frog.  Greta kissed his right eyeball.

 Each princess was given her own tube of lipstick.

Henry refused to dress up but at the last minute decided to don some rabbit ears and he carried Squirrel Nutkin around the whole time, except for when he had his cupcake.

Greta decided I was Rapunzel, after the hair cutting incident.  With me is Snow White's mother, Liza with her boy, Shepard. 

After we arrived home, I ran down the street to collect a small dresser I bought at a yard sale on the way to the party.  I didn't even get out of the car.  I just yelled, " Five bucks?  I'll take it!"

Then I rolled off again to Cafe de Leche for some coffee for my poor sleepy husband.  Upon my return, Greta held something behind her back and excitedly asked me if I had a friend named Maria??  Yes!  The sweet package I had been waiting for!  All the way from Finland, Maria sent me some chocolate, Marimekko napkins and Moomin candies for the kiddos.

Chocolate not pictured.

The candies were promptly consumed...

 And the Moomin watching commenced.

 Receiving this package made me feel all warm inside.  It still does and I refuse to use those beautiful napkins, not even if the Queen came to tea!

Back to the dresser.  Look at all those drawers!

Look inside those drawers!

Perfect for Greta.  It fits some of her clothes and all of the little things that seem to accumulate on top of her desk.
I first dreamed of some hand printed, scented paper from France to line these drawers, but figured that the drug store shelf paper would work just as well.

I reinforced it without about 2 dozen nails, tightened the knobs, and sanded it lightly to take away the stains and glue from stickers past.  I thought I would paint it at first but the sanding really cleaned it up, softened it, and kept some of the character.  I don't like things to be too perfect.  I may paint the knobs orange. What do you think?

So that was my wonderful Saturday with my family. A party, a yard sale, good coffee, a gift from a friend, and better home organization.

Two days later (yesterday) we had a teary goodbye at the airport.  Zach is in Boston now.  We will join him soon, but not soon enough. 


Maria said...

Yes -orange is just perfect colour in my opinion too,And thank you for sharing such lovely moments you have had there with your friends and children.I still wonder how it took so long time that you get my little gift...but it is true we have some kilometres between us


Color Land said...

Wow what a lovely saturday!
Greta's kimono is wonderful, love the color, greta's hair, everything looks perfect!
Ohhhhh my the dresser for $5 it's awesome I love that dresser and I think that orange it would be great!
Love Maria's gift, love everything in that package, the candies, the beautiful napkins, just everything!

Wish you a wonderful weekend! :)

Patrice A. said...

orange is great, I think
and Marimekko napkins are the best
the ones I received from Ritva
are still in there cellophane

Great looks soooooo beautiful
with all those flowers
in her hair
thank you for sharing!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

my, my, have you been busy?! what a bunch of happy feelings and happenings. that party must have been IT, both for partakers and joiners-in... ;) the dress is so you, guys (i don't know why).

but now, that cupbaord, and the way you called for it, just cracks me up. cool buyer, huh? and i am so envious! this is looking like a beauty...
in the meantime i also need to announce your package arrived safe and sound, and it has raised proverbial tears, for i could never have been expecting this. how can i begin to thank you?
i am going to pour this into a proper post!!!

Lil Muse Lily said...

what a great dresser!! what a score. i think orange knobs would be fun although i do like its authenticity.
fun day!

Vegbee said...

Looks like you had a fabulous day. Love the kimono, love the dresser (yes, orange!), love your package. And thanks for taking the time to capture it all on film ;)

Anonymous said...

That dresser is amazing.

Also, Greta and Henry are the sweetest.