Saturday, July 16, 2011

drawing challenge/clouds

Clouds over Highland Park, CA.
(out my kitchen window.)

Clouds over the Atlantic, I presume.  I think this was taken by Grandma Peg.

  Clouds over Charles de Gaulle.

Clouds over a football field.

Clouds over a Hawaiian Isle.

And over the North Shore of Maui.

 Sunset in Los Angeles.

Clouds over Mt. Washington, Los Angeles.

Clouds over the Los Angeles River.

Sunrise out the kitchen window.

Grandma Peg captured these clouds on a road trip through the desert.

Clouds over Northern California.

And finally, a chicken cloud sweeping over New York City.

  Visit our host, Nadine, for more CLOUDS.

I will be choosing a theme for next week.  Give me the day to think of it, and come back soon.


Milady Productions said...

hello lovely!
as usual, you feed my desire to travel, see clouds from all over and remember the warm waters of maui, the giant open skies of other place...and then! lol a giant rooster?!!!! love it!!! such a light and funny ending made me giggle aloud.

Lacey said...

love the chicken cloud!

Julia da Franca said...

love the chicken cloud too, great idea, and the pictures (wow your kitchen window view!!!) make me want to travel RIGHT now! i am exited about the word you'll choose! xxx, julia

Patrice A. said...

all those cloudy skies
I LOVE them!!!!
and your kitchen view
but that chicken
did it for me
just grand!

Anonymous said...

Yes, chicken cloud is a favourite. I love watching clouds; they never never ceases to amaze me. Your kitchen view is so different than I expected.
Lilli xx

Lil Muse Lily said...

i love clouds. love the last picture!

renilde said...

oh my so much beautiful clouds, amazing!!! the chicken cloud is adorable, love that photo,x

Ariane Reichardt said...

Its really amazing your view out of the kitchen window, dear Rachel! And as Stephanie says you feed my desire to travel and see all these fantastic places too...maui! Wow! and than that King Kong Chicken... hahah, wonderful...
Looking for your theme.

Color Land said...

All those clouds are gorgeous, specially the chicken cloud I love it!
I would love to participate in this drawing challenge, but I got lost and I didn't know who was the host,can't wait for your word....

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

why fancy this, after all those drama filled postcard images! it reminds me of a woody allen, but that wasn't a cloud in the sky, was it? ha ha ha...
i'll say, i mean, it hasn't anything to do with clouds, but i love your wooden new york wity blocks!!!

Fru Mju said...

hahha at the chicken cloud! lovely :)