Friday, July 29, 2011

This is me a few days before leaving New Orleans.  We were waiting for our table to be ready at Le Crepe Nanou.  We walked to a local library a couple of blocks away and let the kids run and roll down the grassy slopes of the yard.  Standing there (with bad posture) watching them, feeling perfectly happy and perfectly sad at the same time to be leaving New Orleans.   What an amazing trip that was.

At this very library a couple of weeks earlier we met a mom and her little boy, Linus.  In talking with her I found out that they are from the same neighborhood in LA as we are.  Small world.  Her family had just arrived.  With her husband in the film business as well, they planned on staying several months.  Her name is Dorka.  She is such a sweet woman and we had a lot in common.  Our paths crossed a little late for us to really spend time together in New Orleans, but we hope to see each other back in LA.  For now I enjoy her blogs, here and here, and her stunning photography.  I love seeing New Orleans through her eyes.  Most likely you will, too!


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

ai. the photos are stunning. so, you will meet again when back in la, after boston, i pressume? funny, hey? all this meeting and bumping into people...

Makeminemidcentury said...

I have a soft spot for anyone who calls their son Linus. It is the most beautiful name. But then I have a Linus!

Lady Ra Ra's hair's all messy because she is loved too much! She is part of Martha's bedtime threesome ... Raggy, Tickle and Lady Ra Ra! Thank you.

Through Lady Ra Ra you go everywhere with us.