Monday, September 12, 2011

drawing challenge 9/11

In this little town of Marblehead, every other home has an American flag flying.  It's not something we see in Los Angeles.  This is indeed a patriotic little town.
Yesterday, September 11th, while walking the dog an older gentlemen walked past with a cup of Starbucks coffee in each hand.  I commented, "Ah, coffee, thats looks good right about now."
He replied with a serious face, "They are giving it out free this morning."  He shook his head in disbelief and gratitude, "I can hardly believe it."
It made me think about the number of people in this community and on this coast that have been personally affected by what happened on 9/11.  Friends and family members that were lost.  Then my mind went to those who went to Iraq to fight, die, or be forever scarred by the indescribable brutality of war.  My mind went to Afghanistan, Somalia, the Congo, Haiti, Sudan, the young women in Ethiopia, the list doesn't end.  And to the individuals in this world that suffer in silence; whose plight doesn't make the nightly news.
I ran my hands through the small wet stones at the shore a few days ago.  Greta and I searching for sparkling sea glass.  With 9/11 on my mind, I saw every stone as an individual.  A shining life lost in the name of war and often sadly, in the name of God.
Rather than painting lifeless stones, I decided to paint a field of beautiful flowers, representing the lives lost.  Beautiful, precious lives. Countless.
Despite the darkness that pervades the world right now, I do have hope for these flowers.  Hope that is not credulous.  I believe that these flowers will see life again on this earth and that the meek shall inherit it.
If my painting seems a little too happy, this is why.  I have hope.

My heart breaks for those that are suffering worldwide, and for the families and friends personally affected by those lost on 9/11.  I wonder if the gentlemen with the coffee had lost someone that day.  I think about him...

( Due credit goes to Greta for painting the sky.)

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Kelli said...


renilde said...

Yes Rachel, let's never give up hope, touched by your story and thoughts, your beautiful flowerfield certainly reflects hope and bravo Greta, you painted a wonderful sky.

Great, adventurous new header too.

Love x

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

a collaboration, and an ode to world wide peace at that... done good. really.

Misha Lulu said...

I love the way you write. Beautiful painting and Greta did also an amazing job!

jasmin said...

I did think of you on this day.
Being nearer to it all then most of us.
Thanks for your story about the man with the coffee. I will think of him too.
And will look differently at my little purse that you made with the sea glass on it.
We all create ripples with whatever we do...

I have added you to the list Rachel.

jasmin said...

and what glorious flowers!


Patrice A. said...

just beautiful
and painting


Peggy Ray said...

very moving howwow

Peggy Ray said...

Really gorgeous photo and very wonderful painting by both excellent artists... you do write so eloquently and poignantly. Ditto what howwow said, very moving!