Sunday, September 18, 2011

drawing challenge/ship


I imagine what it would have been like to travel by ship.  Months at sea in search of new land or familiar trading ports.  What a different life.  Minus the scurvy, rats, vicious storms, and pirates, I imagine it was at times a very romantic escapade.  The salty air, the infinite waters, the sound of wind in the sails.

I have never been on a sail boat.  Before we leave Marblehead I hope to do this.  Being in the yachting capital of the world (or so they say), how could we not take advantage of this opportunity?

Zach took this video with his phone here in Marblehead at Fort Sewell.  Listen to the wind!

Fort Sewall from Zachary Fannin on Vimeo.

For more ships, see Elisabeth.

I'll be hosting next week.  Visit me in a day or two and I'll share the theme.


Patrice A. said...

your ship is beautiful
just beautiful!

so is the video
i love that sound
and what a grand ship!

sailing is so great
close to the elements
and so quiet
i love it when the engine stops
and the wind and sails take over

sail ahoy!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Rachel,
what a lovely ship, so friendly. Those pretty sails and the flags shows the direction.
And the smart sailing ship through the telescope (like a real captain!) from Zach... just wonderful. With (t)his point of view and that sound of wind I take a trip to the seaside, wonderful, gorgeous!

Thank you,

Maria said...

I love your ship!It is always so big joy to me visit here.Thank you.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

GRAND video. i love the frame of the viewer, it's wow for atmosphere.
and your literate sea water is charming!!!! as are the sails to your boat!...

demie said...

this ship is just so beautiful! it makes me dream of long lost seas, long wished adventures and mysterious sea creatures... thanks for the trip : )

Anonymous said...

Clever Video ,,, it would make a fine tattoo

renilde said...

Great post!! that video, i'm gonna watch it again, i LOVE it, and your ship is a real beauty, xx