Wednesday, November 2, 2011

alice's adventures in marblehead

One summer day, Alice unexpectedly found herself in a town with a curious name; Marblehead.
"Hmm.  I have never seen a head on a marble, or a marble on one's head for that matter.  I shall have a look around, for I have come such a long way, and oh what a terrible journey it was!"
Alice explored the seaside, but not alone.  She met a tiny panda while eating cinnamon chocolate cake at the local bakery. He joined her in the carriage behind her bike. They rode everywhere together.  He would sing songs to encourage her weary legs.  In Alice's mind, this constituted a very good friend indeed!
Together they discovered colorful gemstones that dotted the shores of the protected and rocky coves.  Collecting became their passion.  They planned their days around the ebb and flow of the tide.
"What an earthly way to follow time, my dear Panda.  I will propose the world chuck their pocket watches and simply look to the sea!  Oh dear, that may present a problem if one does not live near the sea.  This proposal may want for further consideration.  Let's keep our mind's open, dear Panda."
After many days of exploration and thoughtful conversations, the air around them changed.  They became chilled easily, and the leaves from the trees would rain down on them as they would  cycle through the nearly abandoned town.
"I sense the new season, my friend.  It may be that we wake from this dream and put our bicycle and carriage away.  I was told by the kindly gentleman that runs the apothecary that there is a place we have not yet discovered!  Do we have time for just one more expedition?  He said that the beach is rich in gemstones and that we are likely to find the elusive scarlet!  Oh, wouldn't that be a perfect end to our adventure?"
Panda agreed with great excitement; for a brilliant scarlet would be more than welcome to his already brimming collection.
They woke early on a particularly clear, crisp day and set out.  Alice pedaled farther and harder than she ever had before.  Breathless she cried, "Keep singing, dear Panda, keep singing!"
Panda sang louder, "…Ray, a drop of golden suuuuuuuun!"  
After an arduous journey, their destination was finally upon them.  Before them stretched a vast rocky beach in a quiet bay.  The water was calm and a shade of blue bluer than the bluest of blues.  It took their breath away. They stood for a moment soaking in the scene, then took off with a start in search of their scarlet.
The morning was spent searching, sifting, sitting, and talking.  With an abundance of green, brown, cobalt, and white in their pockets, they were happy despite not finding what they hoped for.
Not wanting their search to be over, they gave in to their hungry growling bellies and decided to leave.
They stood silent and looked out at the sea.  Alice waved half hoping she would get a wave in return, but the sea was simply too calm on that day.

Alice noticed a tear rolling down the cheek of her new friend.

"Dear Panda, why are you crying!"
"I am sad because this dream is ending and sad that I couldn't find you a piece of scarlet."
She knelt down, kissed Panda on the top of his head and wiped the tear from his cheek with her apron.
"Dreams can reoccur, my sentimental friend.  Imagine that!"
Panda smiled.
"Where should we go now, dear Panda?  Someplace warm?  Someplace new?  Home?"
Panda climbed into the carriage and pulled his wooly quilt over his lap.  Alice hopped onto her tired but loyal bicycle.  They rode off together with their minds and hearts open to whatever new adventure lie ahead, and Panda sang for Alice the whole way.

For my friend, Nadine, who gently encouraged me back to the drawing board with Alice this week.

And for even more of Alice, visit one of the most beautiful women I know, Karen.


Lil Muse Lily said...

great story! love the new banner also.

Kelli said...

your banner is absolutely amazing!

Misha Lulu said...

you are a great writter and a great artist and a wonderful friend!

demie said...

this is a lovely story that brought tears to my eyes. you have talent my friend bothin writtng and in drawing! never let the dream go : )

Patrice A. said...

dear Rachel,

me too
tears in my eyes
I love your story
and your new banner
and printed out
so I can look and read it
and again

I feel a children's book coming
one day....

love and a big hug

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

fantastico, oh, and tears to mine eyes...
and speechless, for once.

[but i need to squeeze in : did i tell you the story was on the verge, there for the taking? now you have your outline, tread softly, you're almost there.... {well, you are already too!!}
happy to have been of service. greatest salute to a place you have come to love!]

Lil Muse Lily said...

we arrived last night, safely. just went through my mail and received my sea glass. thank you Rachel, it was such a nice home welcoming. you are ever so thoughtful. xo

Color Land said...

Love everything in your post, new banner, the wonderful story, the way you write and all the feelings in this words.....😄

Anonymous said...

Dear Rachel,
Nice Story and Picture too , Very Nice...
...The Sweet Tender Ending found a tear rolling down my nose...
...Oh Yeah , the Marbles used to be in my Head , but of course have been Lost long ago...
...I suppose that's too obvious...Eh...?
Love Ya

Peggy Ray said...

Alice and Panda are a lovely couple! Great story... that book is just around the next bend! Terrific!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Tears in my eyes,
dear Rachel... and you're on my mind...
wonderful fairy tale! I'm really touched.

There is a new tooth in the little bag of the pillow... so cute.

x Ariane.

P.S. Please let me know the new theme for our drawing challenge... this coming weekend 12.+13.11.2011. I'll put it on the list.
And if you run out of time please let me know, too.