Thursday, November 24, 2011


This past week was a doozy.  The kids and I were sick, but my poor Henry had it the worst.  There aren't many things worse than when your kids are not feeling well. My mind always goes to the children who are dealing with ailments and discomforts much worse than the common cold or the flu.  I also think of their parents.  I lay in bed at night and in the quiet and darkness next to my sleeping babies and I think about these things.  Then I snuggle in close, smell their hair, kiss them.  I'm so grateful for my beautiful children.  I love spending my days with them.  We have a good time together and I get to hug them whenever I want.  

We were housebound for many days last week.  Henry would ask, "Can we walk around the neighborhood?"  We bundled up, Greta and I walked as Henry was pushed in the stroller.  Autumn and winter in Los Angeles are my favorite times.  Especially here in Mount Washington, it is especially beautiful and green.  

It's been good these past couple of days to get out again, even if getting out always means getting in the car.  We miss our biking days.

Zach is on a plane right now coming home.  He'll be here for a few days then back to Boston for 3 more weeks.  The kids won't see him until the morning. They have a plan to steamroll him as soon as they wake up.

Now I will drink my tea, crochet, and watch a movie, and wait.

Hurry home, my love!!


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i hope the staying in wasn't all bad. i wish you all a quick recovery.
i pop in to invite you and greta to curve, this weekend. if you are feeling better, that is!

lamediterrània said...

Wow Rachel, seems like you live in a beautiful place!
I hope you and your children are fine, and that you don't get too sad thinking of unhappy people, which happens very often to me. Sometimes it's so exasperating and it makes me feel impotence...but you know, we try to help and keep on living the way we can.
Big kisses for you and your beautiful family

Maria said...

Hurry Rachel!I love you.I' pround that you are my friend.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Oh, dear Rachel,
I've feared that you are also ill. But as you told us its also the time to slow down and feel thankful for the blessings like kids. And feel that's not all to be taken for granted.

All the best for Thanks Giving.


renilde said...

I wish for you all to feel better, maybe when 'someone special' arrives it will do lots of good, i'm sure it will :)
Your photos, again, very beautiful, the place looks exotic to me.
Take care, love and x

Lil Muse Lily said...

oh how i miss the west coast. looks beautiful where you live.
hope you are all doing better.
happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Patrice A. said...

glad you all are feeling well again
and I so recognize the way you feel
I still do, laying awake when they are ill
especially our eldest
when he was young he was sick all the time; pneumonia, eczema....
when he couch I am alert, still

enjoy Zack's homecoming
and hope to see you with 'curve'


Patrice A. said...

cough I mean!!

Kelli said...

glad the kiddos are feeling better. Happy homecoming with zach!

sarapirat said...

such gorgeous landscape!
wish i could take a stroll there...

Dorka said...

Sorry you guys were sick. We just got over something awful. It really sucks everything out of you. I am amazed you are keeping up with your blog! Hope you guys feel better soon. Thinking of you.