Sunday, December 18, 2011

drawing challenge / hat

I have always admired hats heavy with flowers.

Greta chose a theme close to her heart this time.  She has always been a lover of hats, sometimes creating her own.  Here are a few of her best.


renilde said...

You've got a most wonderful daughter Rachel, the way she poses is so amazing, there is talent there.
Your romantic, the doily adds to that, it makes me think of summergardens and the scent of roses, x

lamediterrània said...

She looks gorgeous in every picture! She's beautiful and stylish at a very young age, I guess she inherited that good taste from you :)

You made me smile with the picture in which your daughter has a blue turban and a foulard around her chest carrying a doll like an african woman. Did you dress her up like that to teach her? Did he dress herself up that way?
I love it anyway.

Big kisses

The Kender-Page said...

Hello, awesome montage.

Peggy Ray said...

That girl! I wish I had one quarter of her style! And your hat is a vision to behold too. I see where she gets it. I never got around to doing a hat drawing myself.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i think the huge pink thingy on greta's head somewhere towards the end of the hat show is a true killer. what is it, i am wondering??!
but your tiny creation on a doily, now here's a stunner too. so romantic!
has greta asked you to make it int a hat? ;)

Misha Lulu said...

these are sooo cool!

Patrice A. said...

great, great post!
she looks fine in every picture
but the one in the brown dress
your drawing a true Rachel's
great lines
love the flowers


Ariane Reichardt said...

Oh, yes,
now I know, why Greta has chosen that theme, dear Rachel,
each single photo of her with a hat on is so very cute and pretty!

Your drawing is beautiful self portrait! That hat with flowers on top suits you very fine.

Have a marvellous day,
x Ariane.

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

I love a hat, awesome.

Lil Muse Lily said...

a girl after my own heart. i love hats too. Greta wears them all very well.

Color Land said...

Love your drawing Rachel and all those pictures of Greta are beautiful!

Love the colors in your drawing, I can smell those flowers :)

mano said...

these pictures are so great - I love every one! greta is such a beautiful girl with all her hats!
and your drawing is really gorgeous!
thank you for this post!

Hagar said...

Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous!!!
what a great pictures!
love your illustration on the napkin!