Thursday, December 1, 2011

ollie the un-tooth fairy

Greta lost her first tooth on Monday morning.  She's wise to the whole tooth fairy business, but the idea of a small treasure left under her pillow while she sleeps is very agreeable to her.
I stayed up late without a thought in my head of what to give her.  I came up with a crocheted bag of irresistibles.

Some of Greta's favorite things; tiny dolls, chocolate money, lozenges, and a pretty button.  

Since it was Ollie that finally knocked that tooth out while they cuddled, I thought he should write the note.  Actually, he dictated and I wrote.

While Greta has been well for a few days, Henry and I had a relapse and are just getting over another wicked cold.  I have been checking in on everyones blogs and am sorry for my quietness in the comments department.  I'm still here, just gaining strength.  I appreciate every single kind comment and email that has comes my way.  I really do.  

Zach was here for a few days over the holiday week.  It was so great having him home and then so sad saying goodbye again for 3 more weeks.  Then my friends, we will be heading out of Los Angeles again.  I'l let our destination be a surprise.  I'll just say that we are all pretty happy about it.

For now, here are a few photos that might make you smile.


Ariane Reichardt said...

Oh, hahaha,
I enjoy the funny pics,
dear Rachel,
and the cute one, of course, *sigh*

As Milady said, 'gypsy' Rachel, I'm really nosy... 'Whither goest thou?'
I'll escort you, if you want to.


Ariane Reichardt said...

... and what a beautiful gift and letter!

Patrice A. said...

dear Rachel,

I so remember the time when our sons were young, the oldest being sick 'all' the time, me being so so tired.... I do not envy you!
Must be tough to say hi and goodbye to the one you love. And me too, curious where you all will be going next!!

Take care!
Love and a big hug!!

P.S. I am so sorry, but I will not join Greta's theme. My brother is coming(!!) with his son to celebrate Sinterklaas. Will you tell her?

renilde said...

great photos, the cutest small letter and a new place to go to......happy, happy things, making me happy too.
hope you feel well again soon dear Rachel x

annie said...

I love your treasure pouch idea so much more than the ubiquitous glass with gold coin! I'm confused. Are you moving/ moved/ in transit? Love that dancing derriere shot!

Lil Muse Lily said...

love all the photos. what a sweet little pillow goody bag!

sorry to hear you and Henry are still not well. get some rest and hope you feel better!

demie said...

so cute!!!!

hoping you are feeling better already : )

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

true travelers! that's right, keep us in suspense, why don't you?
hope you all get back on your feet soon...

sarapirat said...

abig smile on my face!
and what a sweet tooth fairy!
my mother still has my collection of teeth, quite bizarre i think....

feel well, take care and gain that strength, i am sure you need it.

Peggy Ray said...

So sweet that I think it gave me a cavity! Cuuuuuute! And I love their tropical tea party too. And Ollie! Just the bestest.

Color Land said...

hahaha funny pics. Your kidos are so sweet, hope you and Henry feel better really soon!
Can't wait to know about your new place.......

velocibadgergirl said...

That photo of the kids sleeping together is one of the sweetest sibling pictures I have ever seen…makes me want to have another very soon so my guy has someone to snuggle with!

Anabelle said...

What a cute little gift :)