Wednesday, January 18, 2012

adios, LA

We hop on a plane in a few hours for New Orleans!  Before I go I wanted to announce a theme for this week's Drawing Challenge;


I wish you all a great day.  
I'm really looking forward to sharing more of Nola with you.

You have your bags packed, right?  Let's go!  Did you pack your powder blue jumpsuit?  Pack it!  You'll need it.  Greta has hers.

Greta at 5.


demie said...

have a nice trip!

we are due to travel for the weekend too, but i`ll try my best to join the challenge - need to look at the dictionary first to find out what budle means ; )
oh! my english you know! bad!

renilde said...

Oh my New Orleans, music and yummie food come to my mind, i wish you that and so much more in Nola.

I'll try to bundle something, i'm in.

Safe trip my dears! xx

annie said...

That is a serious bundle of energy you have there!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Have a good trip,
dear Rachel!

Will you been in the same house as months ago?

I'm looking forward for the radio station of Nola... and the pretty architecture and the nature, of course.

I'm in with my bundle.

x Ariane.

lamediterrània said...

Hahahahahahaha you have two little monkey clowns at home and I love watching them do their performances :)
I'm dying to see new pictures of New Orleans by you, you have beautiful views of everything.
You should know you got me listening to blues and jazz from the place since I saw your pictures of Nola for the first time.
Big kisses and my best wishes for the new adventure!

Monica said...

hi there. came here via demie's blog.

am interested finding out more about your challenges... couldn't find an explanation. :)

enjoy new orleans!

Lil Muse Lily said...

i don't have a powder blue jumpsuit but obviously i need one. can't wait to go back to nola!