Saturday, January 28, 2012

drawing challenge / another roadside attraction

There are many attractions to see on the roadside.  I combined two things I love to see, nature and interesting furniture that people have discarded.  Not old mattresses or rain drenched sofas, but the good stuff.  I am not ashamed to admit I have collected some great roadside items.  I've polished, painted, and made new someone else's trash.

Demie is our host this week.  Visit her blog for a list of other roadside attractions. 


Grounded in Vegas said...

Your drawings are beautiful. We have a very active roadside collection culture where I live. People in our community are constantly putting out items that they no longer want in hopes that someone else may have a use for it. Last year we scored a single bed and a small child's desk. Last night my husband came home with 6 ceramic egg cups.

Carole said...

Oh my, I would stop at this Roadside Attraction for sure! Lovely drawing.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i must say i do feel for the macabre, sometimes, and i can easily get swooned away by drenched sofas as much as the good, good stuff... [but that's another story]

the thoughts you put to paper here are very alluring though, in your unmistakable and relaxed rachel way..

Peggy Ray said...

Vundabah! Fantastique! Adorable! Two of my fav things too!

Patrice A. said...

so, so glad
to see a drawing (!!)
of you again

nice attractions
on your roadside!


renilde said...

trash and treasure, sometimes the same thing, and i can get excited too by those things, wonderful way of recycling too.
i like your detailed drawings Rachel,xx

Hagar said...

Very nice attraction you got there!
Love your line drwaing!...:-) xx

demie said...

your drawing is very sweet and i m not ashamed to say i `ve done the same -not the drawing but collecting or beter saving them ; )

i also visited your shop. absolutely lovely : )

mano said...

wonderful drawing - I love all your attractions!

Lise B said...

It is a good thing to take care of roadside finds! A good quality, and your drawing is very good!

Color Land said...

Beautiful drawing dear Rachel, nice attractions in your drawing, love all furniture and nature too'