Sunday, January 8, 2012

mail. part one

During the past few weeks we have received exciting mail from all over the world.  The kids voraciously tore open the first package before I even realized it's sender.  When the dust settled and I could see the contents scattered across the table by curious little hands, it was clear that it came all the way from Australia!  From a woman with a giant heart and an equally giant sense of humor; most of you know for whom I speak of; the ever wonderful and generous, Carmel.

We held bits of Australia in our hands and learned some interesting facts about kangaroos, and so much more.

Thank you, Carmel!

Stay tuned for Mail Part 2.


Patrice A. said...

and I see Moomin!
from Finland via Australia
to you
now that's traveling!


annie said...

That Carmel is a sweety. What an eclectic parcel of goodies! Are you sure there are no lizards in there!

Leslie said...

mysterious parcels from faraway places are ALWAYS a wonder. (my favorite thing here is the little drawstring bag filled with shells and odd coins :)

(popping over from woolf's place to visit... your blog is lovely and creative and FUN.)

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Rachel,
delicious parcel from Carmel... so many treasures from Down Under!
And as Annie said with some lizardbabies in?

May I invite you and sweet Greta for the next week's drawing challenge? The theme is 'TEATIME'...

x Ariane.

Makeminemidcentury said...

Well, you Rachel, were my muse for this parcel. It was hard to follow the gorgeous, packed one you sent us.

Pity that 'Joey the Kangaroo' came from America (no offence) only to be sent back there. Ha!

Baby lizards? Maybe next time!

demie said...

so cute! lucky girl : )