Saturday, March 10, 2012

drawing challenge / industrial

I have mixed feelings about the Industrial Revolution.

Murals inside Coit Tower, San Fransisco

It's interesting to imagine what it would be like had the world never taken that turn.  Was it inevitable?

Photos along an industrial road in New Orleans
taken by Greta


A step to a door that once housed the Louisiana Silk Co.
 inside the French Quarter, New Orleans.

When happening upon industrial landscapes while on a long drive through the states, I am impressed by their contrast to the countryside, the geometry, and scale of the structures.

When it came to drawing the often toxic waste that billows from these places, I found it a tad bleak.  I decided to make it happy.

For some seriously industrious artists, visit:


demie said...

I am glad your drawing is made happy, my Happy Panda!
The thing with is challenges is exactly that
. We interpret the themes so differently, and I only want to thank you for the theme you've chosen!

It was difficult and brilliand : )

Patrice A. said...

what would the world be like
without industrial....
we can't imagine, can we?
I like your drawing
the graphic and the happy part!

Patrice A.

tanïa said...

Such a cute drawing! This is the first industrial scenery that made me smile with all those hearts, bubbles and flowers leaving the smokestacks! Who knows where we were now without industrial revolution? I wonder if it had been avoidable, I'd rather say it's part of natural progress, even if evolution sometimes might lead into a dead-end street. Your drawing is a symbol of hope to turn our world of industrial capitalism into a production plant of humanity and social consciousness.
What a pity I didn't have the time to go that deep into that topic, but I like to invite you to a piece of industrial world cultural heritage anyway.
Have a nice sunday!

Hagar said...

Dear Rachel,
love your detailed line drawing and the happy panda logo in top :-) you've manage to create an dreamy, playful,wonderful indurstrail world!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Rachel,
what a nice logo... Happy Panda!
A sweet drawing with a trust in a (good) industry.

How did you find the murals? I've just read interesting thing about them.

I really like the photos of Greta.
Even the pic from the pointed letters LA SILK at the red door.

Thank you for this difficult theme. It has been very exciting!


Milady Productions said...

in retrospect as usual, we could have done better but i have to say, i love the old crusty industrial remnants , visually speaking.
i don't know how i missed this. i love the murals. remind me of Diego Rivera.