Wednesday, April 18, 2012

and the winner is...

We're home!  I'm still buried in laundry and organizing projects I seem to get myself into whenever we return home.  I apologize for not having the winner of the foxy necklace announced Monday like I had planned.  Better late than never.

More news from the home front soon.


Patrice A. said...

welcome home!
the weather looks so lovely to me
congratulations to Karen

Patrice A.

this week or next
I plan go to the tulip-fields
and will think of you

renilde said...

ha this was fun to watch, congratulations to Karen, x

lamediterrània said...

You and Greta make a nice creative partnership, you always get to make us smile! I loved the music in the video, and that's such a gorgeous tippi tent!
Congratulations to Karen, she won a beautiful necklace indeed.
By the way, I sort of 'nominated' you over at my blog on a common post Nadine invited me to join. It consists on writing 5 random things about you. would you like to join us?
Big kisses and enjoy your comeback home :)

Anonymous said...

I enter this giveaway and I really wanted to win! I adore this necklace ! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!! I HOPE IS ME!!! BECAUSE I AM JUMPING UP AND DOWN!!!!!

I love Greta smile when she read the paper, hopefully we can have a playdate soon!

I never win anything! so cool!


Anonymous said...

and thank you all for the congrats!


Color Land said...

Welcome home!
Thinking of you guys, hope you had a good trip :)

Congrats Karen! You are so lucky!