Monday, April 2, 2012


When we moved back to Magazine Street we found a new shop had opened up on our block.  To our delight, it is a kid friendly, dog friendly, vintage lovin mama friendly shop.   

Here's a bit of Ragdoll.

The shop owner is Rachel (left) and her part time shop keeper (right) is Jade.  Both are very sweet and lovely ladies.


I asked Rachel to write a little bio so I could share it with you. A story always makes everything more interesting.  Here's Rachel:

I moved to New Orleans in July of 2011 to open my shop.  We opened the doors October 12th. I graduated college in December of 2010 and was planning my business my last year of college.  I'm 23 years old, and live right off Magazine Street a few blocks down with my boyfriend and my little yorkie-mix pup, Roxy.
I chose New Orleans after visiting here in 2010 for a birthday trip with my best friend.  I fell in love with the city that weekend, and decided this was where I wanted to open my shop.  I've always loved oldies music and the styles from the 1950's: home decor, diners, mid-century furniture, & especially the fashion!  I wanted my shop to be a place where you could listen to your favorite oldies songs while shopping unique clothing at an affordable price... so that's what I did!  I pretty much thought up my dream boutique in my head and then tried to recreate it as best as I could.
As far as what I love about New Orleans, it's a place where people love to eat, drink, and be themselves... which are pretty much my three favorite things in life (not necessarily in that order :)).  Also, my vintage-themed store seemed to fall right into place in the New Orleans market. All the pieces just fell into place, and here we are!

The kids and I love popping into the shop, the lure of fragrant handmade soaps fill the air and even fills the sidewalk leading up to her shop.  Henry likes to run through the racks hiding like a ninja, his green frog boots giving him away every time.  Greta loves to admire and handle all of the jewelry.  She picked this foxy one out for a giveaway.
Would you like it?  
Leave a comment on this post and just before we leave New Orleans we'll choose a winner at random.  Of course.

Rachel didn't ask me to write about her shop.  I decided to because we found it a delight and a very pleasant place to visit on our walks.  It feels nice to walk into a shop and someone knows who you are, especially when you're feeling lonely in a new city.  We don't stop in as much anymore since we have a car and walk less, but we are happy it's there and pop in when we can.

 I asked Rachel if she'd like to sell my New Orleans illustrations in her shop.  She said yes.

Have a great week, everyone!


renilde said...

congratulations to Rachel, that is a great shop, the one i like, original, fun and beautiful, i like her concept alot.
your illustrations fit in so well.
there is a trend, also over here in Belgium, to open more of this kind of shops and i can only applaud that.
it makes shopping much, much more fun and i like the idea of suporting local artists too.
Greta made a great choise! xx

Autumn said...

I felt the same way about New Orleans. Just never got around to moving their...yet.

Kelli said...

super cool shop and how exciting your beautiful drawings are for sale there!

Patrice A. said...

what a great shop!
it makes me miss Rotterdam, the city I lived before we moved out here
and your drawings fit in just great!

oohhh, but the chair....
I fell in love with that chair years ago, so, so beautiful

Patrice A.

I am not in for the necklace
although it is a great one
as you know I am not a jewelry person
it fits Greta so well

Ariane Reichardt said...

So beautiful,
dear Rachel!
I'm very, very hepped up!
Pretty, pretty...


sarapirat said...

i like that word, ragdoll! often fell like one...
and there was a sweet shop in my hometown called ragdoll aswell!

Milady Productions said...

how fun! and congrats on your new venue!

Peggy Ray said...

I love these pix! You are such an amazing talent! Love the necklace too, but I think Patrice is right that it looks fantastic on Greta. Miss you all soooooo much!

jdg said...

so glad you are able to sell the prints there. is that necklace a one-of-a-kind or do they have more?

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

rachel! you are making it!! well done. and good luck with the sales!! they should really sell like hot cakes!! looking good from here too...

on behalf of that shop... right! you gotta beam-me-up here, 'kay? ??

joseph said...

I'm so glad you posted this! I'll be in Nola tomorrow! I would love to get one of your illustrations.
i originally found your blog thru sweet juniper. I loved the header that you created for him! since I live in Louisiana (and have a few little ones!) I have really enjoyed reading about you guys exploring the city. loved the post about the fountain, so sweet!
best of luck in your travels home ~

Anonymous said...

this shop is amazing! congrats on the drawings! I want to buy one! Also what a lovely necklace! I would love to be part of the giveaway!

karen(MIsha L)

Anonymous said...

I love blog travelling via your magical blog and I really love handsome Mr Fox!


Anonymous said...

I love travelling via your blog and I really love handsome Mr Fox!


Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

what an awesome little fox and a beautiful shop. I love places that embrace you children and all.