Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5 random facts about moi

Beautiful Mar invited me to share 5 random facts about myself.  I have found this a truly difficult task, to share something that might prove interesting and unknown to you.
This is what I can up with.

1.  I like my mac and cheese swimming in worcestershire sauce.

2.  I'm a morning person.

3.  Pet peeve: Stickers on fruit.

4.  I have been mistaken for being Dutch, German, Swedish, or Norwegian more times than I can count.  I like to respond, "I'm mostly German."

5.  I really, really love this song:

I pass this challenge on to 5 other friends:

AnskuKelliDorkaSara, and Citlalli


Maria said...

So nice to know more about you

ps I love that song too

Anna V. said...

Thank you, I'll pick this one up later!

I agree with Maria, nice to find out these random things about you :)

objectsofwhimsy said...

Hi Rachel

I just realised that somehow Ive bypassed your blog for sometime...then I remembered how much I like your blog and how we have a quite a few things in common.
You have an etsy shop (love the panda in the carriage!)Im about to launch one too and your family is happy and gorgeous.
Thanks for popping down to Oz via my blog.

Helen x

PS: I really dont like fruit stickers I actually pick all of them off but one in the shop when Im not in a rush and stick them onto the fruit stall.
It must be such a joy working in a supermarket... but those stickers offend my design sensibility they are ugly and pointless all at the same time.

Have a lovely day Rachel

cheers Helen :)

objectsofwhimsy said...
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objectsofwhimsy said...

oops Rachel

I 'loved' and 'cheered' you at the same time.....looks like its not a good idea to get me onto the topic of fruit stickers.

Visit here if you dare I think this is the only time I would accept fruit stickers though I felt a little queasy..... http://desandro.com/articles/fruit-stickers

Helen :)

Zachary Fannin said...

Uh oh. I only knew 2 out of 5 of those things about you. We should hang out more often! Smoochers!

Peggy Ray said...

Hahaha... I am also annoyed by those stickers... Especially on tomatoes. And that is a daunting task, and a great song. You're a complex and fascinating gal!