Monday, May 14, 2012


In New Orleans we had a car for a few weeks, it was great.  Something rather new was introduced to the kids in this car; a pop radio station.  I was surfing for my favorite New Orleans station and they got an earful of new music.  They begged me to "Go back! Go back!"  I relented.
Every time we got in the car they requested their station.  I often had to switch back to my station due to inappropriate lyrics, but often it was just fluff, music I imagine is played in clubs ( I wouldn't know).  There were about 5 songs that were played over and over and over again.  Each car ride we heard these same 5 songs.  I cringed, they loved it.
Driving in LA the other day we came upon one of these 5 songs as we surfed the radio.  It was the one song that I could tolerate and by the end of our trip I must admit I liked it.  When we heard it we all cheered, for it felt like we were in New Orleans again.  I almost cried thinking of New Orleans because that is where my Love is.  He had to go back to Nola just after he flew home with us a few weeks ago.  He'll be home very soon though.  The distance is killing me.
I'm sure you've heard this song already.  I really had no idea how popular it was until I searched for it.  This is a live version, which I prefer.


Carole said...

Hi Rachel, it wouldn't play for me but I'll check it out online.
Once when travelling with our kids in the 80s we took along some tapes and listened to "Little Rabbit Frew Frew" and "Find a Little Friend and TAp Him on the Shoulder" It was a looooooong trip!
I hope your distance shrinks in no time!

Ariane Reichardt said...

dear Rachel,
yes, I know that song. But its the first time I see these guys... funnily enough they/the video of that live act with ballons reminds me on the 90th... and instead of synthysizer with 'real' instruments!

My kids like this (the whole day long)


Lil Muse Lily said...

that's the one thing i love most about music. it's the only thing that make you time travel. hope your love will be home soon.

objectsofwhimsy said...

gorgeous song
keey your chin up Rachel wont be long.....

Anonymous said...

Dear Rachel,
...I saw them sing that song on the "Conan Show" (late nite tv)...
...When they preformed on TV they had about 15 Kids around 8 or 9 sing "La , La ,La" during the musical bridges ,,,it was very sweet ,,, all the Kids were wearing Happy Smiles ,,,You could tell they were having a Blast...
...It's also used on a TV Commercial...

lamediterrània said...

How lucky you are for not having access of any kind to the spanish pop radios... Hahaha honestly that is mozart compared to what sounds here: reggaeton, pitbull, lyrics full of sex, that only can empty more the already empty minds!

I love listening to music while driving, it makes me feel so active! I'm going on a car trip with my friends in late august and I already spend all my days thinking of he music we'll play on the car!
Big kisses for you and yout flowerbomb kids, they are very inspiring, just like you :)
Keep having fun and do te us