Monday, May 7, 2012

henry david

Last night as Henry was going to bed, he wrapped his arms around my neck as he does every night to fall asleep.  My face pressed against his cheek he expects "a thousand kisses".  As he quickly fell into slumber I began to think about my boy.  My boy that was a baby yesterday is a 4 year old today.  He's funny, he loves his family more than anything, he has a strong mind of his own, he will only wear long sleeves, he's sensitive and some days needs extra hugs.  For this boy I will do anything.
After he falls asleep I will usually get up and do some things around the house, but last night with his pillow wet with my tears I decided to stay put, because it was perfect there and for how much longer will he hold on to me this way.
I love you so much, my sweet sweet Henry David.


renilde said...

you have a great boy Rachel, that sensitivity is visible in his soft glance, there is love in these shots, beautiful, x

Ariane Reichardt said...

With tears in my eyes I tell you, dear Rachel,
that its both a big gift:
your wonderful, sensitive boy and you, because you, big hearted mum, can see, perceive him as he is.

(A few weeks ago I've read on your beautiful blog the story of his birth. Just strong and heartwarming.)

And, it really great that you was able to feel that special moment. Too often I bolt to my housework...

Love and hugs to you and Henry and Greta and Zach.

Peggy Ray said...

No, it can't be! Four?! Where'd it all go, Blanche? Long sleeves? I didn't know... You always capture everything in the best possible way. A very dear Henry and a truly wonderful momma.

mano said...

a wonderful declaration of love! I'm very moved. x mano

Carole said...

What a lucky boy to have you for a mom! Getting as many hugs and kisses as you can while he's little is a good plan. I never regretted a hug or a kiss my kids gave me or I gave them!

Patrice A. said...

dear wonderful mommy
those hugs and kisses
will be there for a long time
one of my boys always wrapped his arms around
like your sensitive Henry
and still does at the age of 11

happy birthday dear Henry
and to all of you

love x

Lil Muse Lily said...

he looks like such a sweetie. happy belated birthday to Henry.
i know just what you mean. some nights i just lye there with Lily and don't move.

Anonymous said...

oh wow, he is 4, what a beautiful post!
Congratulations Henry you are 4 now!!!!!!

misha lulu

Lacey said...

that's beautiful!

sarapirat said...

such a beautiful post!
such a beautiful boy!

Dorka said...

What a beautiful collection of photos. Makes me sad and happy a the same time. Thank you for sharing.