Saturday, June 30, 2012

drawing challenge / non dominant hand

This morning I went to see Moonrise Kingdom ( you have to see it, you just have to).  The young heroine was a lefty.
After the movie I had to shop a little and found this goodie.  

What I love about our drawing challenges is that they motivate me to get my pen out.  I have been wanting to start a daily drawing journal and this is just what I needed.  A daily drawing challenge.

Day 1: A drawing challenge within a drawing challenge.
Using my non dominant hand I drew a rolling pin.

I think this was a brilliant theme (the non dominant hand one).
Norma was our fab host this week.  Thank you, Norma!


TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Okay so this is way fun. I love hearing that after the movie you had to shop a bit. I love that!! This group inspires me to pick up a pencil or paint brush too! The support and encouragement here cannot be measured; it is priceless. Do you realize how exact that non-dominant hand drawn rolling pin is? It is really exact! Awesome. Love the look of that book you picked up...tons of inspiration there hey? *smiles* Norma

susan christensen said...

Hi, Rachel - Your drawing challenge within a drawing challenge is great! Don't you love Pigma pens? I have been drawing every day for a couple years now and there is nothing like it for staying sharp. happy day, sus

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

this is sounding and looking good, rache.
since the drawing challenge i've been discovering alot about my attitude towards drawing. i even never thought i had this in me, but since i'm unwavering, there's a fire burning.
looking forward to your endeavour, don't be shy to show off now.

Carole said...

Rachel, your rolling pin drawing is lovely and fun. Rolling pins may look boring to the average eye but you have captured its quirks! Your new book looks interesting. I'm off to check it out. Happy weekend to you. Carole

Patrice A. said...

ha! we have a love for the same pen!
and how ell you draw this
I love that you stay true
to white paper and a pen
just that

Patrice A.

renilde said...

dear Rachel, these drawing challenges came into our worlds and they do make a difference, they are stimulating and surprising and as a fan of your drawings i say GREAT IDEA, that challenge you set yourself and already an amazing start, have fun xx

Kristen Donegan said...

I agree- the daily drawing is something I have striven for too- though I can never seem to keep it going- I'm going to check out this book :)

I just saw Moon rise Kingdom this evening- it was awesome! and I picked up on the south paw reference being a lefty too ;)

Your rolling pin is a great start!! good luck and keep going!

Ariane Reichardt said...

dearest Rachel,
these kind of challenge opens another door, right?
Your left handed drawing is lovely and 'Rachellike' as your right handed. And after the rolling pin I wanna look at your hammock, please ;-)

Moonrise Kingdom... I can't look it with my kiddos, don't I?

So, you are our sweet hostess this weekend... please let us know your theme.


objects of whimsy said...

oooh Rachel

such control that non dom hand has amazing.
I have seen this book too and have felt the urge to buy and start drawing I might have to now that Ive seen the results.

Like Nadine the urge to draw is the slow burning coalfire of my creativity.
Im so dependent on the process of sketching ideas out I do it while I teach, on my iphone, backs of packaging when Im shopping I kid you not. Its an insatiable appetite a bit like chocolate but less fattening!

gorgeous gorgeous drawing!

Helen x

Peggy Ray said...

You're amazing! Your left is better than my right! Love those drawings... So good!