Friday, June 22, 2012

what's up?

This is my hairdresser and his posse.  He also plays in a jazz band.  His name is Robbie Wilson and he's the guy on the bongo.

This is me after a trip to see Robbie.

Another Santa Monica Beach posse.
(That's Boba Fett in the middle in case you didn't recognize him.)

My kitchen sink at night.

Reference photo.

Eagle Rock mural.

Greta and Henry hosted an impromptu tea party one sunny afternoon.  Ginger lemon cookies and chamomile tea.

While driving, this view of downtown LA is about the time my shoulders lower from my ears after spending time on the westside.

We saw our friend Poppy in her first performance a couple of weeks ago, and what a great performance it was.

The night of my art show a bike tour stopped by.  They were in and out in a few minutes and on to their next destination.  It was quite a sight and great to see so many bicyclists in one place.  Unusual for Los Angeles.

 Free postcards.

I had many dear friends stop by to see me and my work.  Families with little ones stayed late with us, way beyond bedtimes.  It was a really good time.  They even brought me flowers.

Meet our nightly visitor.

My angel.

My other angel.

Greta loves woodworking.  She decides on projects based on how much hammering will be involved.  The more nails required the better.

I leave you with some tomato love.  This came from the market, but expect our garden tomatoes to start to ripen any day now.

Finding time to blog has been a challenge lately.  Despite my best efforts to stay awake once the kids have been read to and have fallen asleep, I end up falling asleep right with them.  I have traded in nights of blogging and commenting on your amazing and inspiring blogs...for sleep.  For now I'll listen to my body and get the extra slumber.

I thank you all for the encouraging comments regarding the art show.  I am behind in writing back to many of you.  Forgive me.  Just know that I have kept all of your thoughts and well wishes in my heart and am eager to get back to seeing what you are all up to this summer.

I have saved my garden update for another post.  Many afternoons are spent in the garden with my two helpers that share in the excitement of the coming harvest!



renilde said...

those bikers stopping and buying your art, how splendid and what a great shot too.
I'm waiting for homegrown tomatoes too but it will take another few weeks over here.
you all look happy and well,xx

demie said...

Dearest Rachel,

time spend with family, friends and ... sleep!
is time good spent : )

Don't worry about blogging. The ones we have kids and friends and are in need of sleep totaly understand ; )

lots of love to you!

Maria said...

Thank you for so lovely post here again Rachel!I understand you well really.I really do.Take you time to that what is important to you and your family.I'm happy we can continue in fb too.
psYour hair is similar to mine says my husband behind me just now.
hugs and take care of you

Winiferd in the Burbs said...
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Winiferd in the Burbs said...

Hi, I found your blog today and being a completely name-nerd, I just have to tell you that I love your children's names!


Makeminemidcentury said...

tomato love straight back atcha. I liked this post ... a bit different from your usual ones. You've been busy. I know what it's like to be too tired to do anything extra. Just sleep sister.

And the hair?! GET OUT! Funky artist!

objectsofwhimsy said...

wonderful post Rachel

I love the all of the photos and the opportunity to share in your wonderfully full and busy life.
I love in particular the bikes at your exhibition opening photo and your free postcards look beautiful.
Your gorgeous angels particularly your woodworking daughter...I had a one too I still have the star fairy wands she would make out of pine offcuts and decorate with glitter!
Life gets really busy sometimes and you just have to prioritise which means blog world has to go on the back burner.
Go get some sleep girl and we will see you when you get the time....

Helen x

Rachel said...

Thank you, Name Nerd!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

hang in, hang out.

sarapirat said...

hey dear,
what a nice collection of moments again, that tomato! and your fun to hear that greta likes working with wood, so did i when i was small, and today i find myself finding my way back to there slowly,
take good care,

Lil Muse Lily said...

great shots. your hair looks fab.
a blog break is always good. enjoy