Saturday, August 11, 2012

drawing challenge / little book

In preparation for a Marie Antoinette themed party a few weeks ago, I created mini books for each of the guests.  Organized with our homeschooled guests in mind, it was a perfect opportunity to learn a little about the late and infamous Dauphine of France.  

(left) Portrait by Greta

Once lived an Austrian girl, Marie Antoinette,
Her life by her royal mother was set.
She was trained to dress and dance in the fashions of France,
for she was soon to be Queen, one they'd never forget.

So off she was sent to the palace of Versailles
where she felt upon her every French eye.
Her King Louis was a bore thus she had parties galore,
but behind silk curtains would cry.

The Queen was looking for happiness,
She craved a different life and a more comfortable dress.
Le Petit Trianon proved a quiet retreat, life more natural, simple, and  sweet,
free from Royal expectations and stress.

Livres were spent to her heart's content on dresses of many hues.
Even more were spent on diamonds, cakes, and shoes.
While common French had no bread - they lived in poverty and dread
and did not take lightly this news.

To four little children a mother Marie became,
A close family life was her greatest aim.
She kept them near and held them dear.
For this greatest love she was never the same.

The poor French people grew ever more poor
with no hope of change in store.
Angrily searching for a solution - they started a revolution,
which brought them to Versailles front door!

They took the King and Queen away,
In a prison they would stay.
Marie was blamed for her spending while ignoring deficit tending,
Then it was off with her head one fall day.

(left) King Louis XVI  (right) Marie was also known to be kind and helpful.


Portrait by Poppy.


I'll have photos from the party soon.

Norma was the host this week.  I can't wait to see all of the wee books out there!


TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Poppy and Greta are fine artists in their own right. What a lovely book you made lucky are your guests to have one to take home. Gosh this is a brilliant learning tool. Learning by ART, really. Thanks for sharing this with us all. It's gorgeous. Love!! *smiles* Norma

Ariane Reichardt said...

Teach me, dearest Rachel,
please be my wonderful, amazing teacher!
What a wonderful, fantastic little book... those illustrations, pretty frames, words!
(Altough the story about Marie Antoinette is a sad one. But I still remember the movie directed by Sofia Coppola, great!)
Oh, I'd like to be at that party, you know that :) I look forward for the photos!


Kim Henkel said...

What a great little book. Love the words and the images, and what a wonderful little gift for your guests! Adorable

Maria said...

Wonderful Rachel!

Carole said...

You must have the best home school parties and lessons. I'm with Ariane....teach me! Happy weekend to you. xo Carole

renilde said...

this is a very clever and fun way to have a little history lesson, i bet your guests will keep remembering Marie-Antoinette,Greta and Poppy's drawings add a charming touch to it.
looking out for your party pics :)x

loved your previous b/w photos.

susan christensen said...

Thank you for sharing this little education, Rachel - the girls and guests are so lucky to get such party favors. Happy week end, Happy Panda! -sus

Anna V. said...

Wow! You should be a teacher, I tell you. How much more fun the kids would have learning things your way!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

what a great poem! you wrote this? star!!
i never knew m.a. had four kids in the end, i musta been somewhat misled by that coppola movie... did the director ommit the off spring, or have i forgtten, i wonder... ;)))
what a great romantic angle {of incidence} your booklet is...

barbarabeesblog said...

Dear Rachel, its so amazing how many different little books in theme and style are made - yours is totally unique - wonderful.

mano said...

dear rachel and greta, please - can you be my teachers? - this little book is really fantastic, love it!! :-) mano

Sam said...

This is amazing! What a labor of love.

demie said...

this is a wonderful little book Rachel. I am loving it : )