Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fort Bragg

Recently my little family took a week and traveled north of San Francisco to visit Grandma Peggy and Howard in Fort Bragg, CA.  They share a cozy cabin in the middle of a beautiful forest with a sliver of an ocean view.
It's about a 10 hour drive.  We drove there in one day but took two days coming home.  We stopped in San Francisco to soak in as much of the city as we could.  I was able to visit with my long time friend, Elida.  We have been friends since we were 14.
It was a wonderful trip.
I put together a little video for the family.  I took with me a camera with a dead battery so all of my photos are from my phone.  Better than nothing.


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

groovy, baby.
just wonderful.

Ariane Reichardt said...

This is so wonderful, dear Rachel!
Saw your show right at early morning with a smile, it opened my heart.
Thank you, dear!

to you and your lovelies

annie said...

What a wonderful lifestyle they share. You must feel restored after time there.

lamediterrània said...

I loved the video, and the music in it :)
I told you a thousand times, but yo really make want to go to the US to see those views and meet so many interesting people.
Here we have a negative image of the US, and practically no one can find any attractive to go anywhere else but New York.
When I visit your blog, you make me see all the beauty in the place, because you always share lots of different spots of it and you make me realise how beautiful the US are, how many things there are to see, live and enjoy!
Big kisses Rachel, your children are beautiful, and I'm sure they're very happy :)

Peggy Ray said...

Wow! That was wonderful! You make it all look like magic. Thanks for making that! You're sooooo talented!

renilde said...

oh i enjoyed watching and listening, lovely! x