Monday, December 10, 2012

drawing challenge / cactus

One of Henry's favorite toys when he was smaller was this balancing cactus game.  Always fun when it toppled over!

I found a how-to-watercolor book at the library.  I wondered why I have such trouble with watercolor and the fact that it never looks quite right.  My first attempt is mediocre at best, but I did learn about color value, now to practice, practice, practice.

I am late with my post this week, but I thank Nadine for the invitation!


renilde said...

i would have understood what you were talking about just looking at your watercolor so it can't be that bad for a first attempt, can it?
i think you did great sweet Rachel, that's one cheerful cactus, x

renilde said...

nearly forgot, i'm hosting this weeks challenge, you are very welcome to take part, x

Carole said...

Rachel, it was worth the wait to see your happy cactus. My cactus posting was late too. I don't see any problems with your watercolour workings. Have a great week!

demie said...

I like the colours and your cactus and the fact you are reading a book about watercolourng Rachel!
- I might do the same ;)

mano said...

wonderful watercolor cactus!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

then, in turn, this is what i find challenging as well, draw from reality, and add the right colours. let me just say i prefer to just put any colour coming to mind, in, not necessarily the colour in front of me... the toy cactus is so dainty, and your watercolour steadfast!
thanks for playing, rachel. x

Patrice A. said...

that toys is great
and I like your first attempt
with watercolour
not bad at all!

Patrice A.

sarapirat said...

this is a really nice catus!
hugs to you!

annie said...

What a lovely toy! Great colours.

Kim Henkel said...

Well, I think your watercolour cactus is great! Love the toy too!

Elisabeth said...

Of course I love it and of course you'd be a star with the water colours too! I would not be afraid of your cactus, neither the wooden one nor the painted one. If ever I would dream of a cactus of my own - this would be the one!


objects of whimsy said...

Not only looks a fantastic toy has great form but looks fantastic in watercolour. I wouldnt use the word mediocre to describe it Rachel its really rather good and I think some practice will produce some great artworks look forward to seeing more.

Helen x

Stefanie Seltner said...

oh, this is nice! beautiful colors!

tanïa said...

Funny balancing game, I would have loved that, too! And your watercolour painting is lovely, the colours are so close to reality, I just like it very much! Go on like that!

Ariane Reichardt said...

A balancing cactus play, what a nice toy!
Dear Rachel,
your water colour looks fantastic... didn't know that one can paint in such a good way with it...!

Love to you
x Ariane.

Peggy Ray said...

Great colors which you matched perfectly... Not an easy task. I think if you put in some kind of background you might like it more, but it looks great to me!