Sunday, January 13, 2013

drawing challenge / snake

Sssssssweet and sssssssssstupenoussssss Ariane is our host this week with SSSSSSSNAKE!


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

they say of a snake it can mesmerize and hypnotize.
i think you've pulled it, woman!

renilde said...

yes hypnotic, even the girls eyes made me sit very still for a moment, x

Patrice A. said...

she looks very fashinable to me
as if the snake is just
a sweet accessory

Patrice A.

Carole said...

Hi Rachel, your girl is so calm holding that sssssssnake around her neck. Would you feel the same way? I once saw a shirtless man walking down the street one hot summer day with a HUGE snake around his neck! Ewwwww. Still makes me shiver to think about it. xo

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Rachel,
your Lady is quite brave and cool!
Wonderful drawing, your lines, the look in her eyes, hand on the tail, easy and versant... the excitement of the snake, like her watchdog.

Thank you for playing!

x Ariane.

susan christensen said...

She is a snake charmer! xxoo, sus

mano said...

I think she likes the snake. I'm too!!
:-) mano

Lil Muse Lily said...

you're alive!! and with a snake. happy new year. hope you are all well. xoxo

tanïa said...

Lovely! Seems to be trendy to wear snakes 'round necks, but yours is much more friendly than mine... ;o)

Stefanie Seltner said...

what a lovely drawing!

objects of whimsy said...

I love her nonchalant look with a snake like a scarf round her neck. Great line drawing Rachel.


Peggy Ray said...

She looks like Greta... Did she pose with a big snake? A brave and elegant drawing and girl!