Wednesday, July 3, 2013

these days

These days there is a lot of change.   We had planned on taking the summer to join Zach in Michigan while he works, but circumstances have kept us home.  It's been very difficult to be separated.  Thank goodness for FaceTime and for the kind of love that surpasses time and space!   And thank goodness that the job is nearly finished.
We spent a couple of weeks in northern California, watching Julien graduate and visiting my dad.  Julien is settling in LA with us now and starting a new chapter in his young life.
Greta and Henry don't feel so little anymore, their needs change and evolve as they grow and mature.  Sometimes in very surprising ways.

I realize that I need to get busy creating again.  For myself.  I have considered starting a new blog,  simply moving to a new space.  For now, find me here.  I am still here...just preoccupied with life.


Kelli said...

nice to see your post! thinking about you guys.

objects of whimsy said...

Loving the fotos Rachel......the kids are growing well....:)

Change is a great motivator I find

Nice to see you here

Helen x

Anonymous said...

nice to see what you have been doing!
Bela asked about you guys, maybe we can set a playdate!


Citlalli Cuevas said...

Nice to see your posts again Rachel, I move to other blog (a change is always good :) and I'm see Jimena growing day by day and sometimes I feel concerned too, you have a great family and your kids are growing so fast and have an amazing mom!!!

Have a nice day!

Peggy Ray said...

Beautiful, as always! Both the writing and the pix... and the family! Love you guys bunches and bunches!

annie said...

Sometimes it's just not possible to stay at the same pace on things that you still want to do. New stuff keeps coming up all the time with the lives within a family. It's lovely to see you all again looking so happy!

sarapirat said...

happy you are still here, and preoccupied with life is...after all life!
enjoy watching these photos. your beautiful children, growing bigger.
summery moments.

love to you

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

well, that's all good, even while i'm a month late saying it...