Tuesday, November 12, 2013



My only tattoo. 

At 19,  Z was for Zach.   Can you see it in there?
I was aware that it might not last forever, but I knew he would forever be a huge part of
who I became and how I would love in the future.  So I did it.  The tattoo artist said to me, "Come back after you've broken up and we can cover it with a rose. Easily."  The cynic.  I returned not long after and the all knowing tattoo guy covered it with a rose.
This rose with a hidden Z is above my right heel.  Somewhat secret.  The way I wanted it.
10 years later I married Zach.  We named our first child, Greta Rose.  Something she finds very meaningful.

Thank you, Patrice,  for inviting me this week.  Oops, last week.  


Patrice A. said...

thank you
for your story - yes! i can see the z - and image
a hidden tattoo
those are the best

Patrice A.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dearest Rachel,
your hidden tattoo is so lovely!
The pain... 'Z', now bloomed to a rose... your daughter's name... wonderful. Pure romantic!


The Kender-Page said...

What a great story.

Susan Christensen said...

What an amazing story Rachel. Who would have thunk it! You could not make up a more romantic tale - truth is always stranger (and more lovely) than fiction

Peggy Ray said...

You are such a great story teller. I hope you write and write and write! So glad you and the Z and the Rose all came together! love you!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

the first time i came to view your post, i couldn't find the Z and i refrained from commenting. i'd leave it till a little later.
today i find it easily, and i also discover your hidden story.
there's a time and a place...
strong love though!

Citlalli Cuevas said...

Great and romantic story, your tatto is lovely!

sarapirat said...

love this story!

Anonymous said...

You could of said the "Z' was for Zorro,,,Did Your Mom ever find out?