Saturday, March 19, 2011

*a letter from the alphabet*

J is for Japan

Henry had his favorite letter to contribute as well.

For other clever contributers to this week's drawing challenge, visit Nadine!


nadine paduart said...

i'm absolutely, bloomin' lovin' your J. it's fresh, it's generous.
now, is this also a bit of a blossom (next week's challenge?) ;)
never too many blossoms for japan though...

Fru Mju said...

how beautiful!! <3
and i like Henry's contribution too :)

Heidi said...

I love your J very nice!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Oh, Rachel,
I love your blossomly 'J' with the snowy Fuji in background. Very gentle drawing, lightly, peaceful.
And Henry is practices Zen... wonderful, too!

Makeminemidcentury said...

'H' for Henry, of course.

Peggy Ray said...

both beautiful and elegant and poignant... and Henry is writing already "HI"!

Kelli said...

super sweet!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dearest Rachel,
my kids wake me up at 6:45 this sundaymorning... so as you I make the best of my situation: keep calm and carry on...
I'm having time to take a ride to NOLA, watching your beautiful house, listening to WWOZ New Orleans Chacha - its so interesting.
Love the skirt-shade, granola, your quilt, colours of the walls in the house and outside...Home is where your heart is. I can see your heart in NOLA, too. And you're bringing NOLA to us, to the world! Thank you!

Patrice A. said...


it's beautiful
and loving
the best

Maria said...

It is so beautiful your J.And the little one he is cute,
warm wishes to you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and Thoughtful

Elisabeth said...

They're perfect, both of them. 'J' is what we all think about. With worry and sadness. And your drawing made me hopeful. A cherry blossoming 'j' brings hope for the future. And those people building letters in all materials, like that 'h', they are our future.

Yes. There is beauty
There is love
There is joy
All of you suffering from misery worldwide
hinder them!

Poem by the Finnish poet Eeva Kilpi)

I was late again with my contribution but I finally made it. See you...

Unknown said...

Oh, so so beautiful! Cherry blossoms, so perfect, so sweet and dainty with all the power and promise of growth and change.
and your other little artist - H is for Hoorah Henry!
(im at a borrowed computer - no internet at my house.......:(

Rachel said...

thank you for all of the nice comments. i find that when i'm drawing i assume the sentiment and inspiration will come across. i don't always share so many words. sometimes i just run out of time and energy to write anything. but its amazing how in all of your comments you have written the words for me. you are thinking what i am thinking and feeling what im feeling.
and elisabeth , thank you for sharing such a lovely poem.
you gals are all amazing. i appreciate sharing in these drawing challenges for the motivation it has given me to draw again, as well as the invitations extended to see what you all are doing in your corners of the globe. the globe that feels smaller and smaller all the time.

jasmin said...

Lovely Rachel. Far out. I am behind with everything. Again. Only just caught up with some of the birds. Now the letters. (you can safely say that you have done 2 in 1) I am just a little blog overwhelmed - so many gorgeous things to look at and read and comment on out there. i need to find a better time of day to do it. ..... but how INSPIRING is the weekly drawing? And so connecting too xx