Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sunday Sunday Sunday

This Sunday is the Arroyo Arts Collective Re-Discovery Tour.  My friend Rebekah invited me to show some of my photos along with her fabulous paintings.  She is quite the accomplished artist and well…I'm not.  I feel a bit like an impostor.  My photos are far from being professional, but Rebekah assures me that this a very lighthearted event and not to worry about my lack of official artist credentials.

I was going to show some of my photos of Japan that I had on display for a while at a coffee house in Culver City.  That felt safe to me.  People seemed to like them; I sold a few and got some nice comments.  Zach was going through my photos and saw these shots that I have of Greta's dolls.  I have been taking them since I got my new camera, hoping to put together a storybook with her dolls as characters.  It's still in the works, also very hush-hush.  Anyway, Zach thinks they are great and talked me into showing them this Sunday.  Will they come off as fun and artsy or weird and creepy?  The photo above…maybe a little creepy.  I love it though.  

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Peggy Ray said...

Love love love love it!!!! You are a TOTAL artist! You don't need no stinkin' credentials. You ARE art!