Thursday, November 20, 2008

Warm and Cozies

I have yet to step inside Intelligentsia, but Zach brings me home these crimson bags of heavenly goodness.  We ran out a couple of days ago and Zach, who is also mad for this coffee, went out in rush hour traffic to pick some up.  My hero. 

Speaking of things that keep us warm and happy, take a look at these beautiful hats.  
I want one of each and I will wear them as I traipse around Kyoto with Henry on my back, and he will wear one too.

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Peggy Ray said...

1st! haha! Howwow was just asking me if Zach drinks coffee...I said I didn't think so. Do I know no one on the planet? Haha! well now I know you both love coffee. Howard will be happy to drink coffee with you both. Love the new picture and the hats. Maybe we could figure out how to make them. If they were knitted I think I could do it, but it looks like they are made of felt, so I can't figure out how she gets the wonderful shape. Also, I would like to see what they look like when worn. I didn't see any pix of that. I shared your blog with Sue and she is blown away by your talent too! Here are her comments verbatim: I think this is highy professional! Very very good eye!!!! colors are scrumptious!!!