Friday, December 5, 2008

"I'm Tired and I... I Want to Go to Bed"

Here I am in San Francisco!  Doesn't it look amazing?!  Don't you wish you were here?
I was hoping that the photobooth here on my Mac would do better at capturing the heavy bags under my eyes. The flash sort of washed them away (that's usually a good thing).

I am exhausted.  It's not easy putting a baby down to sleep in the same room where you have a 4 year old chasing a puppy saying, " Drop it!  Drop it!" or with room service knocking at the door, then clanking plates and the oh so heavenly aroma of french fries wafting to my nose, but Henry is nursing and almost asleep and won't let me go,  I need those french fries!  Henry woke up several times and Greta showed no signs of slowing down.  It was a little crazy in here this evening but Zach and I laughed, threw our hands in the air and figured they had to go to sleep eventually.  3 hours later they did and so did Zach, on the floor in his complimentary leopard print bath robe with Ollie curled at his neck. The room is quiet, my two beautiful babies are fast asleep, my belly is full...too full actually, and I'm ready for bed and a new day tomorrow.  It's hard to think about food right now but we will have breakfast again at this most excellent breakfast eatery.   The sky was blue and the air was crisp today, a friendly couple with a bunny rabbit on a leash, tai chi in the park, hippies with trumpets.  I love this city.  

The quote in the title is for Elida.  We go way back.  Can you name that tune, Elida?

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