Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mr. Cutie Pants Sees the City

San Francisco that is!   Since the ride here was not so easy on the kids we have decided to take our time coming home.  We will spend a couple of days in the city then one night along the beautiful Interstate 5.  This is a surprise ending to our trip.  We love San Francisco!
But today is bittersweet because we leave the peaceful forest and seaside.  We fell in love with Mendocino.  More than this place we will miss Gramma Peggy and Howard.  We found out that we can take a train up here and it takes about the same travel time as driving, so next trip we may take the rails.  
We leave tonight at Henry's bedtime for a 3 hour drive to the city.  
Bittersweet indeed.  *sniff*


garage band girl said...

i want to spend more time with that lovely baby!

rachel said...

if we ever make it back to LA we'll be by for a visit!