Wednesday, April 1, 2009

play date with aunt kate

This past Sunday Aunt Kate (Gma Peg's sister) came for a visit. She indulged Greta in hours of play. They had a tea party with the tiniest tea set in the world, scooted Ollie's kennel full of stuffed animals around the house, pretended to be doctors to her dolls. When exhaustion finally took over Aunt Kate was then the "paralyzed doctor" that had to lie on the couch while treating patients. They ended the evening watching the Little Travelers in Japan.
She also brought an old photo album with some beautiful photos of Peg and Zach when he was a baby.

Here's the tea set she brought,

Here's the photo album, gotta love it,

I think this is my favorite photo I've seen of Zach and his mom. Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

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