Saturday, April 25, 2009

charlotte marie

Here is lovely little Charlotte, just 10 days old with her beautiful and proud mama, Veronique.

Francois and Veronique were beaming with pride over their little girl. It brought back memories of those first few precious days with a newborn, wanting only to cuddle, stroke, and stare in awe and your sweet new baby. We are so happy for our long time friends that have waited so long for their Charlotte, and here she is and they are so in love.

I didn't get a chance to hold Charlotte. Zach couldn't make it because he had a cold so I was on Henry duty, walking him around the house and letting him play with the fun light fixtures.
As soon as Zach gets well we will pay them another visit and I hope to hold wee Charlotte. What a cutie!
Congratulations Francois and Veronique!

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Peggy Ray said...

What a little sweetie. please give them my love and congratulations. She looks like a tiny one. How much did she weigh? kiss her for me! And while you're at it, kiss Greta and Henry.