Sunday, May 10, 2009

baybee qwilt

I whipped up this baby quilt last week for my friend Kelli. Her second baby girl will be here in June. She's having her baby at home with a midwife. How wonderful is that? She's one strong mama. I have a feeling her labor will be shorter than mine. Piece of cake.

Zach says this is his favorite quilt out of all the ones I've made. It was a very simple design using favorite bits from my stash. The back and border is a beautiful Alexander Henry fabric with white birds in flight on a yellow background. Love it.

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Peggy Ray said...

Wow! It really is beautiful. They are having a quilt show here in Ft. Bragg weekend of 22nd. Of the ones I've seen on display so far you knock 'em out of the water!