Saturday, May 9, 2009

ditching the dryer

Well, I guess we'll keep it but use it a lot less this summer.
You see, I just finished ordering a retractable clothesline for our deck! I have fond memories of rusty old clothesline posts out in the yard growing up on the ranch. All of the old houses had them.
So this summer we'll save a little energy, a little money, and wont have to hear that dryer going all the time. clink clank clunk go the buttons.
I was close to buying a washboard too. Thought that might come in handy for those hand washables, and Greta's doll clothes. Could be a hoot.
Zach says I'm like Laura from the Little House books. He's reading them to Greta right now.
I can't wait to use the clothesline, I really am excited. I'm starting to feel silly for even ever using a dryer. Isn't our sun amazing?!

Happy weekend, people!

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Peggy Ray said...

But aren't the clothes really stiff when you dry them in the air? I should hang ours out too.