Thursday, May 7, 2009

one year ago today...

I woke up early, sat in the red chair and put the final stitches in Henry's quilt.  Peggy was with us for a few weeks to help out. Greta, Peggy, and I headed out that morning to see the midwives.  They checked me and I was 3 cm!  Exciting!  It was the day before my due date but I knew I could be at 3 for days.
After the appointment we went out for breakfast. During this breakfast I started feeling some discomfort, I convinced myself it was gas. After breakfast we took Greta to an indoor playground for some crazy jumper fun. I was still having the pains. Just gas...or was it?!
With Greta I didn't have that slow, easy labor that gradually gets stronger. With her, my water broke and I went from 0-10 in 30 minutes. So, I wasn't really sure what I was feeling and didn't want to cry wolf.
We arrived home and had some lunch then took Greta down the hill to the park. I figured the walk might get things going. It did. While at the park, around 4pm I called Zach and the midwives and told them what I was feeling, just to give them the heads up.
As we walked up the hill I finally knew that this was it, this was labor, I had been in labor all day! I told Peg she might want to start filling up the birthing pool when we got in the door.
Peg and Greta filled up the pool, Greta got into her bathing suit and did some splashing around.
Once we got home the contractions started to really feel intense. I stayed on the phone with the midwife so she could hear my voice during contractions. While on the phone with her I had a contraction and my body was pushing on its own. When I told her this she said calmly, "we are coming now."
Zach arrived home and made the bed. I was moving all over the house and for some time I was standing outside on the deck.  It was a beautiful, cool, and quiet afternoon.
I moved into the bedroom. The midwives arrived, checked me out and saw that Henry's head was right there and he would be born in about 10 minutes.
They worked like graceful ninjas, got out all of their equipment, asked Peggy to boil some water ( she thought they only said that in the movies).
They reminded me that this was a big baby and I was going to have to work really hard.
It wasn't but a few minutes and Henry was laid on my belly. His cord was short so he stayed there until it stopped pulsing. Zach cut the cord and Henry was placed at my breast and started to nurse. I can still feel that warm squishy little body. I was in awe. There was a surge of adrenaline that I will never forget. I held my boy and was so thankful to be home and to see him and was amazed by his lovely orange hair.
Zach had to be with Greta outside as he was born, she was very scared for me.
But as soon as he was here they came in and she was okay.
Grandma Lisa arrived shortly after he was born with dinner for all.
Henry David weighed 9lb 12 oz. Born at 6:19 pm.
What a gift my Henry has been to me and our little family. Words cant express how happy I am to be his mother, and trying to come up with them is making me cry.
My beautiful, sweet boy.
I love you little Hen.


The Kender-Page said...

Happy 1 Year, Henry!! What a beautiful birth story.

Zachary Fannin said...

Ahh! I'm crying at work. High five beautiful Mama. Shower him in kisses for me all day! Love you.

Deborah said...

Love me a good birth story! Happy 1st! :)

Peggy Ray said...

What a gorgeous boy! I sure miss him.