Friday, June 26, 2009

Just another amazing artist on ETSY.

When I was about 10 is when I was a Michael Jackson fan. In my 4th grade class I bought a cassette tape copy of Thriller from Rene Rodriguez, the biggest troublemaker in school. The case was scratched up but I didn't care. I think I gave him $5. My first musical purchase.
My bosom friend Rosa and I would get together and listen to his music (Michael Jacksons not Rene Rodriguez) and sing and swoon. Our friend Heidi got the Thriller video on VHS and we had a special Saturday afternoon gathered in her living room to watch. I think Rosa and I were two feet from the TV. Heidi's mom made cupcakes.

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Rosa said...

I had forgotten about that tape! He is part of our history, isn't he?