Monday, July 27, 2009


The other day Greta had her first outing without Zach or myself. It was a last minute invite from a friend and her two young daughters to drive to a local park. I was shocked when Greta accepted. This was huge! She is approaching 5 and is acquiring a new sense of independence and confidence that I am so very happy to see. While she was away, Henry was sleeping, Julien was with Aunt Kate, so I had a nice quiet house all to myself. This felt like such a big day for her that I decided she deserved a little special gift. I made Molly this dress in Greta's favorite style, Hawaiian.
When she returned it was reported that she had a great time, was a big help with the babies, and chatted the whole time. That's my girl! After she gave me the highlights of her afternoon we continued to talk about this and that. She said things like, "Oh, that would be swell!" and "What a glorious idea."
My girl was feeling very proud of herself I could see, and of course so was I.

And she loved the dress!

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