Wednesday, July 29, 2009

thank goodness for the i phone

How else could I take a self portrait in a paper robe while I wait wait wait wait to see the dermatologist? 30 minutes later that red bump on my right cheek (your left, my right) was
replaced by a flat red dot. Yes, I endured an unexpected lancing to the face. All moles still in tact, doc was willing to take off any I didn't like. I said maybe next time. I said I have to keep the one on my neck because it makes me look like Charlize Theron. Not even close to being true, but you will notice we do have the same mole. Here's Charlize looking slightly more glamourous with hers.

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Puddlefoot said...

You don't even know how much I chuckle when I read your blog. You are like the best most creative mommy in the whole world. . . and I mean it!